Must See Toy Story/Shining Mashup

What do you get when you combine “Toy Story” with Horror classic “The Shining”? The result is a wildly creative re-imagining of of both movies. Lee Unkrich, the director of Toy Story 3 mentioned that “The Shining” inspired him to pursue his dream of making movies. An artist by the name of Kyle Lambert decided to use talents to create a mashup of both movies but with the illustrative style of Toy Story. The result is impressive when you consider that Kyle a UK based artist creates these works of art on his iPad. It might be a little sacrilegious to see Woody channeling Jack Torrance but I can certainly appreciate his humor here. Kyle not only tackles Jack Torrance, but other characters from the movie including the Toy Story monkey as the Jack’s bartender friend and the green aliens as the creepy twins from the hotel hallway scene of the Shining. Instead of a tidal wave of blood Kyle incorporates a barrel of toy monkeys.

Keep reading for a video on how he does it

What sort of movie mashup should Kyle tackle next. How about a Toy Story/Star Wars mashup?

For more of Kyle’s work please check out his web site at

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