Real Walker Robot for Kids


Imagine your kids getting ahold of one of these for Halloween. Created
by the Sakakibara-kikai corp of Japan. This is a new smaller “kid
friendly” version of the full-size landwalker robot the company
developed . Pretty cool stuff from a company that usually produces
feed sweepers. Check out the video below, you’ll also get a peek at the
larger version in the background.


A child can climb into the pilot seat and operate the machine by themselves  The robot includes some fail safe functionallity to limit the the walking motion to restrict it a shuffling motion rather then taking large steps.  The Kid’s gas powered Walker is 5 1/4 feet tall and weighs around 400 lbs which is around half the size of the full size  Land Walker.  The controls are operated right from the seat. You can actually rent this thing apparently.  They are not selling them as of yet, but the company estimates that the unit woud cost around $21,000 U.S to produce.




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